Vlogmas Day 23 | A Christmas Injury & The Best Vegan Cake

Vlogmas Day 23 | A Christmas Injury & The Best Vegan Cake

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❏❏❏ PULL ME DOWN ❏❏❏

Welcome back to Vlogmas AKA Venmas. In this episode, I’m doing last bit of christmas shopping and eating the best vegan cake EVER! Big love, Venetia

❏ What I’m Wearing
River Island Baker Boy Cap:
ASOS Jeans (£19 SALE!):
Pleather Belt:
White Converse:

❐Music Featured
Kim Brown – Last Christmas Remix:

Tina Turner – What’s Love (Zimmer Remix)

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  1. Rich Roll is the best pod ever  💙 Merry Christmas!

    1. Venetia Falconer

      Liza Active and to you too!!🎄♥️

  2. That cake 😍 It’d be great if you could get the recipe. Hope your finger gets better soon. Merry Christmas! 🎄❣️ (I’ll miss your vlogs soooo much)

    1. Venetia Falconer

      Luu 87 thank you beautiful girl! Merry Christmas to you too!!♥️💕♥️

  3. I agree that Amazon use way too much paper! I used mine to wrap presents too

    1. Venetia Falconer

      Roza Hamta TWINZ!👯‍♀️💕

  4. Did you grow up in a castle?

    1. Venetia Falconer

      Julia Whiting hahah!! No! I wish!🙈♥️

  5. and are you going to publish the recipe for your mum’s cake?

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