Vegan Plant Based Recipe Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Chunk Mexican Cookies

Vegan Plant Based Recipe Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Chunk Mexican Cookies

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– Tasty vegan or plant based recipe for Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Chunk Mexican Cookies! A rich, chocolate cookie with a kick! Crispy edges, soft in the middle and large chunks of chocolate!

I have a broken arm and I am a little messy so it’s not perfect, and you’ll see Tom’s arm come in as a replacement when I can’t do it with just one arm. We make it work! These cookies are rich with the dark chocolate, and they have a little spicy kick to them. They were inspired by Mexican hot chocolate, which I always enjoyed, and I wanted to create the same concept in a cookie.

These are vegan (dairy free & egg free). It’s not the healthiest of vegan food but sometimes you just gotta treat yourself. 🙂

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