Vegan Pizza Puda w Jasmine Hemsley #VEGANUARY

Vegan Pizza Puda w Jasmine Hemsley #VEGANUARY

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JASMINES INSTAGRAM — @jasminehemsley

If you were lucky enough to get Jasmines book for Christmas you might have seen how delicious this pizza looks. Such an inventive way to make the base and Jasmine is a gorgeous person we loved spending the day with her.

Written recipe:

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Dave & Steve.

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  1. happy new year !!! XD

  2. florenceandthemakeup

    this is so stressful to watch. You are all talking over each other, taking stuff out of each other’s hand, the poor lady barely got a word in !

  3. I always make my vegan omelettes with chickpea flour and water with spinach mixed through… it’s so tasty! Great video guys

    1. Epic- it’s the best! 😄👍🙌

  4. Boys, great fun in the kitchen as always. A Friday night pizza idea that you don’t have to feel guilty about!

    1. Exactly- thanks a mill lads! 😄👍🙌

  5. I think that’s gram flour not chickpea flour.

    1. The Happy Pear chickpea belongs to family of legumes and gram belongs to family of pulses. Chickpea is white while gram when roasted gives yellow colour of which flour is made( it is called besan in india). By the way your recipe is awesome😇

    2. Same thing 😄👍

  6. Oh guys increíble. I always made that but like a pancake 😍👍great idea

    1. So good!!! 😄👍🙌

  7. Deviation Station

    She is absolutely beautiful

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