Vegan Gluten Free Margherita Pizza Recipe | LIVING BETTER TV WITH HOME CHEF

Vegan Gluten Free Margherita Pizza Recipe | LIVING BETTER TV WITH HOME CHEF

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Vegan Gluten Free Margherita Pizza Recipe with Flatbread Dough | LIVING BETTER TV HOME CHEF JEREMIAH VIELLEUX

Welcome to Living Better TV I’m Jeremiah, your friend with food benefits. There is something special about making a recipe from scratch. I’m excited to share this time with you all. I’m also glad that you all will get the chance to share in this experience. Today, I will be making Vegan Gluten-Free Margherita Pizza with a Flatbread Dough.

Watch this video to learn more about it.

Dough Recipe:
Coconut Butter: 2 Tbs.
Rice Flour: 1 1/2 Cup
Buckwheat Flour: 1 1/2 Cup
Salt: 1 tsp.
Baking Soda: 4 tsp.
Water: 1 Cup

Pesto: 3 Oz.
Parmesan Cheese: 2 Oz.
Italian Seasoning: 2 Oz.
Basil: 24 leaves
Mozzarella Cheese: watch my video to learn how to make

Garlic Cloves: 4 – 6 (your preference)
Cherry Tomatoes: 24 (your preference)

Check out Oil & Vinegar to get your own Vegan Pesto:

I am taking online classes in Health & Wellness. I’ve learned a lot about food desserts and the challenges in getting healthy food and ingredients to people. Furthermore, there are a lot of people that don’t know how to cook or have challenges in doing so. Food environments and food desserts create a challenge in food consumption. The harsh reality is that some people just need food. Without proper options for food people will turn to what is easily accessible to them. If this means going to a large chain grocery store and buying the less expensive ingredient that are industrially farmed, that is what they do. Other consumers have access to local farms, or are urban farmers, this allows them to purchase organic items. This recipe is simple to make and the ingredients are easy to find.

Thank you and come back soon!
~Your friend with food benefits. Jeremiah Vielleux. #whatitasted.

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