Vegan Eggnog | Glow

Vegan Eggnog | Glow

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‘Tis the season to sit by a warm fire with a cup of creamy eggnog. If you’re dairy-free and looking for a delicious alternative, this vegan eggnog will hit the spot. Made with all things coconut, a hint of vanilla, and loads of holiday spices, you’ll go just as crazy for this drink as everyone did for Trader Joe’s Almond Eggnog.


  1. I wonder if it actually tastes like eggnog though

    1. Lexi Cardwell it doesn’t taste eggy but it has the same spice taste to it. the best one is by so delicious. trust me, i’ve been vegan for 15+ years 😂

    2. Lexi Cardwell they sell this already made. The spices taste the same as real eggnog but you can still taste the coconut lol

  2. Jessica O'Sullivan

    That looks really nice. I’m definitely gonna try that.

  3. First

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