Vegan Crab Cakes | with Sauce

Vegan Crab Cakes | with Sauce

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Vegan crab cakes? What is that? Well, Let me tell you these vegan crab cakes will help with any lingering craving that you may have. Try these vegan crab cakes..but only if you’re into delicious food.

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  1. WOOOOOOWWWW SO good!! I have to try this.. and seriously SAWESOME sauce!

    1. +Sauce Stache Ohh yes!! That sauce is boss! 😄😄💕

  2. Leaving the Land of Nod

    I actually have all the ingredients for this on hand now, so I will be making this either tonight or tomorrow. They look great.

    1. +Leaving the Land of Nod Ohh yay!!! I love when that happens lol Tag me on IG if you can I would love to see how they turn out for you!💕

  3. They look fantastic. I think I’ll try these and see if my non vegan husband approved. That’s always the ultimate test

    1. +Angel Reante Yes! My non vegan hubby seem to like them!!😉

  4. Food For Thriving

    These look amazing! 👍

    1. +Food For Thriving Thank you! They really are too!!💕

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