Vegan “Crab” Cakes // Recipe + Taste Test

Vegan “Crab” Cakes // Recipe + Taste Test

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Testing out a few vegan crab cake recipes.

My last recipe test (vegan “smoked salmon”:

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Hot for Food Vegan Crab Cakes Recipe:

Vegan Huggs Crab Cakes Recipe:


  1. I’ve never tried making vegan crab cakes. They both sound like good recipes to try out. Thank you for road testing them.You’re right about getting out of your comfort zone, it’s good to mix it up sometimes, otherwise I’d live on rice and lentils!

  2. ShinyEvenWonderღ

    I never had crab cakes or anything like that prior to going vegan…what is the taste supposed to be like???

  3. I was legit craving crabcakes for the first time in years yesterday! Manifest Destiny!!! lol

    1. Sarah's Vegan Kitchen

      Haha that’s funny. I always liked crab cakes if they were served at a party, but I never had a random craving for them.

  4. I love using the okara (pulp from homemade soymilk production) as crabcake base. Try it out because it is really convincing! Either the recipe from “Marys test kitchen” or from Miyoko Schinners book “vegan pantry”

    1. Sarah's Vegan Kitchen

      Ahh I saw the Fab cakes recipe in Miyoko’s book — I was skimming it at the bookstore this past weekend. I might buy it! I have her artisan cheese book.

  5. I’m subscribed for these videos and I’m not even a vegan (yet)! I love the Non-BS delivery and honesty. ^-^

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