Vegan Birthday Cake vs. Non-Vegan Birthday Cake

Vegan Birthday Cake vs. Non-Vegan Birthday Cake

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After visiting a farm animal sanctuary, our neighbor Sydney has decided she wants to be vegan. (yay!) So for her 7th birthday, we helped her make a vegan banana cake with strawberry frosting. Thing is, Syd’s parents also bought a non-vegan cake from Whole Foods. How will will the two stack up when the guests arrive?

Cake recipe:


Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary:

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Created by Liz Pierotti & Duncan Skiles


  1. Cutest little vegan ever!

  2. This is just so cool! Sydney is awesome

  3. You present veganism is such an amazing way. People who talk on camera seem so comfortable talking about veganism and how they feel about it. You must have an awesome presence! Thank you for being such a cool person to represent us.

  4. Rebecca Foster

    you guys are awesome

  5. Elisabella Terranova

    Aww, happy birthday Sydney!! That is awesome that she made the connection and went vegan. Love that her parents were very accepting and supportive of her own decision. I was dying laughing when you asked if that was vegan sugar and Darrah asked “seriously?”

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