VEGAN BIRTHDAY CAKE?!? | allycancook

VEGAN BIRTHDAY CAKE?!? | allycancook

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Hey Guys,

This week we have a special edition of allycancook ft katie mcmanus because it was our moms BIRTHDAY!

We decided to try out this lemon vegan cake from and it was absolutely delicious!

I highly highly recommend trying out the recipe for the next birthday cake you make instead of making a cake with dairy products. The cake was simple, easy and cheap (and in my opinion better then any lemon cake i’ve had before)!

Grocery store milk from cows is often retrieved in inhumane ways and comes with a bunch of added hormones (in some countries ex – United States) you definitely don’t want in your body! Dairy free cakes are a great way to avoid these negative side effects while still being able to indulge (while on a budget I may add).

Let us know what you think if you try it out 🙂

Thanks for watching!!!

Original recipe:

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