Vegan Bean Burger and Chocolate Chip Cookies~Vlog Style

Vegan Bean Burger and Chocolate Chip Cookies~Vlog Style

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Happy 30 day Vegan Challenge! Tonight I made a vegan burger and cookies! Let me know if you have any video ideas.

Vegan Bean Burger round about recipe!
1 can garbonzo beans (drained)
diced peppers, onion and 1 clove garlic
minced ginger (from trader joes)
I seasoned it with curry paste, but you can use ANYTHING, just taste it as you go.
For the bread I just added vegan mayo and old bay seasoning and then toasted it in a pan. The may takes the place of butter.

Chocolate chip cookies:
I used the reciped from veged out:

I did sift the flour so that my cookies weren’t too cake like, but I’ve made it either way and had good results. i used dark chocolate from trader joes in place of vegan chocolate chips (they are expensive like 5.00 a bag).

Thanks for watching, stay in touch on instagram: stayforevertrue1

“In all that you do, stay forever true.”

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  1. RedTheEducatedBeauty

    That burger must have be Good!! B/C you did your GOOD FOOD DANCE 😄!!! I swear i am going to try this and your yogurt parfait (just as soon as i can remember which video it was on…lol)..Keep up the good work your off to a great start your gonna be at 50k in no time ♥️!!!

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