Teen Party Food Recipe Test: Vegan Taco and Pizza Rolls

Teen Party Food Recipe Test: Vegan Taco and Pizza Rolls

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  1. small footprint

    I think Max and his buddies will love it. Happy Birthday to Max. The recipe looks great. I found a salt free tomato sauce at Kroger’s, Kroger brand. No oil, of course and clearly marked on the front, no salt. I’m not entirely no salt any more but still don’t cook with it. It has some peppers and garlic in it so cooked down, makes a great no salt, no oil sauce. I add tomato paste and some of my own spices. I haven’t found any ready made, no oil, no salt tomato sauces for pizza and spaghetti yet, so necessity is the mother of invention, I think they say. Going to try something like this. Thanks for the idea. Lynn

  2. this is actually awesome. i definitely have to try this one day

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