Paris Themed Birthday Cake

Paris Themed Birthday Cake

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A sweet little Paris themed birthday cake with the Eifel tower. This was a topper for a cupcake tower for a 16th birthday celebration. The cake is chocolate vegan with vanilla soy butter frosting. Also in this cake tutorial is how to make a very simple cake decoration with fondant mixed with a little Tylose powder. The border was made using the same fondant. I will put all the materials that I used into my Amazon shop for you. Link below to my shop.


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Recap of the video

1:32 Filling, crumb coating and frosting the chocolate vegan cake

3:00 Smoothing the buttercream

3:40 the Eiffel Tower template

4:26 Rolling out the gumpaste

4:54 Painting the clouds and Eiffel Tower with food coloring and petal dust

5:57 Finishing the cake

Lorelie Carvey
Baking and Cake Decorating Consultant

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RECIPES in this video
Chocolate vegan cake recipe
Soy butter frosting Soy butter is beaten with confectioners sugar to taste. Add flavoring to taste. I used vanilla.

Paris themed birthday cake with Eiffel Tower with Vegan Chocolate Cake

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