One Ingredient Cake || Vegan, Cheap, Easy ||

One Ingredient Cake || Vegan, Cheap, Easy ||

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Hey everyone welcome back to my channel. I hope you enjoy this awesome hack, it’s literally a life saver for me since I have such a huge sweet tooth. Wether your on team cake or team cupcake lol this recipe never fails. Don’t forget to subscribe. My social media links are 👇🏼down below if you wanna keep in touch.👇🏼

P.S. what’s your favorite dessert? Mines has to be coffee ice cream hands down ( vegan style obv ) I just can’t get enough of it lol 😉


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Vegan amino——Kyra


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💕Cant believe we’re almost at 1k subs you guys are the best💕

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  1. The best part was when u said I made this for my mom. Good job girl. Ur mom is lucky to have u.

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