Enjoy some Birthday Cake with me!

Enjoy some Birthday Cake with me!

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How sweet of my dear friend and co-author Jenny Ross to make me a no-bake raw vegan banana Birthday Cake! The recipe is at the end of the video, and also in our “Veggie Mama” book, which is 50% off for my birthday at bit.ly/VeggieMamaCoupon


  1. 🎁💚🎂 Yay – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOREEN! My birthday is in 2 days so I plan to try this! vegan 4eva – meanie neva 🤣 Question – can we move in next to you in Hawaii and help w/ animals?! LOVE & hugs!

  2. Kanchan Sumaya

    Happy Birthday Doreen GBU 🎂🍾🍷💞💞💞💞

  3. Happy Birthday Doreen with love & blessing.

  4. Happiest of birthdays, Doreen!

  5. Deborah Celeste

    Happy Birthday! Blessings & Light.

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