Dominos Vegan Pizza Official Taste Test & Review

Dominos Vegan Pizza Official Taste Test & Review

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  1. Eat domino”s pizza vegan everyday is healthy ? Even if it’s not organic?

  2. Say what you say, pizza is not a health food.

  3. You’re getting fat as hell from all the carbs, get with the paleocentric nightshade eschewing new wave vegan movement. Do you even tap the kundalini bra?

  4. It all started out with protesting the wheat field in support of the gluten free movement. Picketing for hours was tiresome and eventually I supplanted my celiac’s in favor of a more trendy nightshade allergy and took up Paleo veganism where I only eat Seitan and free-range mushrooms. The final adjustment was shaving my handlebar moustache and Lincoln beard, getting a Kylee Jenner eyebrow kit and lobbing my pecker off with a rusty bat-a-rang.

  5. You can still get a pretty cool pizza without cheese. Sometimes the nut cheese can be nasty. Thanks for the review though bro. ✌

  6. *Thanks for the vegan pizza video and the view of that nice sunset ✅😁*

  7. Fuck yeah🔥

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