DEEP FRIED PICKLES | Vegan Party Snacks | The Edgy Veg

DEEP FRIED PICKLES | Vegan Party Snacks | The Edgy Veg

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Today on The Edgy Veg I am going to show you how to make vegan deep-fried pickles with a creamy dill dipping sauce! They are an addictive finger food perfect for any get together you’re hosting whether it’s game night, movie night or cocktails with friends.

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If you’ve never tried deep fried pickles, it’s time to step up to the board and try these out for yourself. I know it sounds weird, but the combination of tart dill pickles with a crispy batter are to die for! I make these when I need a quick crowd pleasing snack to serve during game nights, movie nights or as an app prior to a dinner party. You can use any type of pickle, but dill pickles are my go-to. You can use pickle medallions or spears for this recipe, but today I’ve chosen to use spears because they’re bigger (more pickle) and because they’re perfecting for dipping!

Speaking of dip, in theory you can use whatever dip you love (hello ranch and salsa), but my personal favourite is a creamy dill dip. I make this hours, or even the night before in order to give the herbs enough time to infuse their flavour into the dip.

To make the deep-fried pickles, I take the pickles and dry them on a paper towel to make dipping easier. The batter tends to slide off the pickle if it’s wet, so do not skip this step! Next I create a simple beer batter. if you’re not into cooking with alcohol, you can use soda water instead – I got you covered. 😉

I season my batter with Cajun spice and Italian herbs, along with garlic and onion powders. To help the batter fluff up while cooking, I also added baking soda. To bind it all together, I used aquafaba. Aquafaba is an amazing vegan egg substitute used in vegan baking and cooking. Aqua means water, and faba means beans. So, what I’m talking about is that liquid in your can of chickpeas! It can be whipped like egg whites into meringue or replace eggs entirely in baking and icings. Three tbsp aquafaba is equivalent to one whole egg, and two tbsp is equivalent to about one egg white.

To fry these bad boys, I used my deep fryer, but you can also use a large heavy bottomed pot with at least 3 inches of oil. Next is as easy as dip, toss fry and repeat! Let me know what your favourite Game Night snack is in the comment section below! And let me know if you want more vegan snack ideas.

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  1. this just made me hungry

  2. edιтн andrade

    Oh.My.God. This is too much. I’m salivating…

    And I watch The Hogan Family every night just to see that cutie Jason. Wish he was vegan.. 😉

  3. Buffalo cauliflower wings is my go-to but these sound amazing ! I wonder if I could use the aqua faba to make the batter for my cauliflower to make it fluffy?
    Thanks for the idea 😊

    1. edιтн andrade

      Lesley Tate ohhhhh… I hope she answers because I want to know as well! That would be a great idea.. hope it works! 👍🏼

  4. Yum! I miss these

  5. I love fried pickles!

  6. Kirsten Belmont

    picklessssssssssssssss mmmmmmmmmm

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