ASIAN MARKET HAUL | VEGAN GROCERY HAUL | Asian Vegetarian substitutes| The Edgy Veg

ASIAN MARKET HAUL | VEGAN GROCERY HAUL | Asian Vegetarian substitutes| The Edgy Veg

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This is all the AWESOME vegan food we bought at the asian market! We picked up some really cool stuff like YUMMY vegan nuggets and also some weird stuff like vegan fish!




Today we picked up:
Vegan Red Bean Buns
Vegan Green Tea Rice Cake
Vegan Roast Chicken bites
TVP: Texturized Vegetable Protein
Vegan Soy Nuggets
Homemade Chili Sauce in oil
Vegan Shrimp
Vegan Oyster Sauce
Vegan Simulated Soy Le
Almond Milk Powder
Mystery Steam Bun
Vegetarian Fishless Cod
Vegan Mushroom Dumplings

We went to a vegan Buddhist restaurant here in Toronto and they had a really cool asian market in the back! King’s Café restaurant first opened in 1996. It is located at the heart of the Kensington Chinatown area in Toronto. The restaurant has a modern interior atmosphere and their cuisine varies between Chinese, Japanese, Indian, with vegan and vegetarian meals. All dishes are made fresh from scratch.

Learn More about King’s Vegetarian Food here:

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  1. jarringcreations

    Shrimp tacos Sonoran style!!!

  2. Are those green tea rice cakes not mochis? 🤣🤣🤣

  3. The green tea rice cakes are mochi! a lot of times in western grocery stores they are filled with ice cream.

  4. Deep fry! Deep fry ALL THE THINGS! I’d probably eat a shoe if you deep fried it first 😂

  5. Why no onions and garlic? I’ve got to find out!

  6. That looks soooooo good!!

    1. YAY BAHN BAU!!!!!

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