A Very Merry Holiday Dinner Party w/ The Edgy Veg , Hot for Food & Health Nut Nutrition | HD

A Very Merry Holiday Dinner Party w/ The Edgy Veg , Hot for Food & Health Nut Nutrition | HD

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Join us for a festive Holiday dinner party! I have invited my friends Lauren from Hot for Food and Nikky from Health Nut Nutrition for a for a festive potluck to eat. drink, chat about our holiday tips and tricks and answer your questions!!!

Join us for an exclusive inside look!

Get Candice’s Holiday Roast recipe:
Get Lauren’s Gingerbread sandwich Cookies:
Get Nikky’s Scalloped potato recipe:


  1. [narrows eyes]You’ve tricked me into watching a mukbang video. [shakes
    angry fist at monitor]

  2. Green Is The New Lean

    My main reason for going vegan is for my health. The bonus is I have
    amazing people to watch like you (Candice and James), Fully Raw Christina,
    and Hot For Food that have inspired me to make this my future lifestyle.
    You guys have the best job on the planet because you make this lifestyle
    look so easy and appealing. I enjoyed this post from start to finish and
    thank you for doing this Q&A and sharing your life with us.

  3. Green Is The New Lean

    I hope you don’t mind all the comment, but I am responding as I am watching
    things. Can you post on your website or youtube the Bailey Cream recipe.

  4. Green Is The New Lean

    I just started making my own Seitan and I suck, but I love that you
    mentioned that it took you time to master it.

  5. Green Is The New Lean

    I enjoyed this so much I had to twit about it. I hope you guys do this next

  6. I would love to watch this but the video-audio awful sync made me not to 🙁
    not cool

  7. Looking forward to “Why my dads a beekeeper” and “What does your cat eat?”
    Should we expect these live streams soon?

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